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#SaveKidsLive – CRSYC Member Safies

rebecca safie Justin Safie

Rebecca Peterniak                                              Justin White



Matthew Mulkern                                            Erin McSorley

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Welcome to the Canadian Road Safety Youth Committee (CRSYC) Website!

Your visit tells us that Road Safety means something to you. Too many people across Canada have been affected by motor vehicle collisions. Too many people have suffered from the injuries and the loss associated with the issue of road safety. And all the research shows; it is the youth who are the most vulnerable.

Every year in Canada, thousands of youth are killed or injured on our roads. In recognition of the fact that youth are over-represented in motor vehicle related injuries and fatalities, the federal government made the youth population a key component in its strategies for making Canada’s roads safer. (Transport Canada. (2005). Road Safety Vision 2010: 2005 Annual Report.)

So what can we, as youth, do to support these strategies?

Each and every day it is up to us to make the right choices for our own safety as road users. The CRSYC wants to do our part to make Canada’s roads the safest in the world. DO YOU?

As a start, ask yourself: “What does road safety mean to me?”


The Canadian Road Safety Youth Committee (CRSYC) is dedicated to the issue of eliminating preventable injuries and deaths of young people as a result of motor vehicle collisions. It aspires to give young Canadians a voice in representing issues related to youths and improving road safety. To achieve this, the Committee aims to develop a network of Canadian youth involved in road safety that can advocate on behalf of young Canadians as well as generate awareness for road safety through the youth Declaration. It is with great anticipation that Canada’s governments, agencies and public sector organizations will support our work toward realizing and strengthening our long term goals as a committee.